Children's Lessons

Weekly Term Time Drama Classes 

We offer a variety of speech, drama, musical theatre, festival and exam preparation lessons. Our 'Drama' classes reflect National Curriculum stages: Drama Stage 1 = KS1, Drama Stage 2 = KS2, Drama Stage 3 = KS3. Some classes are taught by age, please see details below.

All class fees are paid in a block at the start of every half term.

There is a one off joining fee of £10 applied to the first term fees for all new starters. When attending more than one class at our Sale location, we offer a discounted price.

  Sale Drama Stage 2:   School years 3-6, trial and weekly lesson £7.50
  Sale Drama Stage 3:   School years 7+, trial and weekly lesson £8.00
  Altrincham / Bowdon LAMDA Preparation:   Trial and weekly lesson £10
  Minikin Drama Classes:   Age 7+ Trial and weekly lesson £9
  Sale Exam and Competition Class   Age 10+ Trial and weekly lesson £12
  Sale Little Speakers Classes:   Age 5+, trial and weekly lesson £10.00
  Sale Speech & Drama Groups:   All ages, trial and weekly lesson £10.00
  Sale Speech & Drama Small Group:   Age 10+, trial and weekly lesson £10.00

Visit our Timetable page to find a class for your child on a day of the week to suit you.

Solo Lessons

Individual lessons and Family and Friends Group lessons are available from £14 for 20 minutes.

Additional Courses

We offer 1:1 LCM and LAMDA Examinationcourses for children in solo or small group settings.

Also competition preparation classes too plus performance lessons for children who are serious about being in a production with us.

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