Family and Friends Speech and Drama Lessons

Children can be taught in small friendship or family groups at our studio in Sale and occasionally in people's homes. We attract students from home schooling communities and can custom make a course to suit your requirements.

Our small class setting guarantees an element of one to one teaching for each child in every lesson. Small groups also help pupils to benefit from close interaction with fellow students who share their interest and enthusiasm for the subject. New starters or shy individuals feel comfortable working with their siblings or friends at their own pace in a very safe environment.

Children will have the opportunity to perform pieces of literature including some of their own written work and will learn how to use their voices effectively for different performance situations. Most adults wish they had chance to learn the art of public speaking when they were young and unafraid of their audience! This is a wonderful start you can provide for your child and you will see their confidence grow. Usually after 3 or 4 lessons even the most shy children readily volunteer to stand up to recite a poem or story!

Pupils will also be taught acting skills through appropriate exercises for their age group and will work on pieces to perform either competitively, for exams or simply for pleasure.

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