What some of our parents and pupils say ...

"You gave me the correct posture to appear confidently, without the wobbles, then to begin to deliver speech, thank you!"

"A fantastic class that really complements and supports my child's education"

 "You provided me with some great subject matter through your skilful questions  - helped achieve our aim on the night as we acquired some new recruits to the PTA Committee!"

 "My child loves going to Spotlight and is full of enthusiasm when she finishes her lesson"

"My son says that it's the best thing he does!"

"My daughter has become more confident, my expectations this term were surpassed"

 "Thank you! Helped me in so many ways. .. Simply by showing me how to handle my nerves, before I’m even out of my seat!"

"A brilliant hour well spent and gave me the confidence to go out and speak to an audience, thank you"

 "Each week my daughters grow with confidence and their work shows this very much.  They enjoy reading out aloud in group and also the improvisations, they are buzzing before and after each drama session, it is a delight to see.  The teacher is an inspiration to her pupils, my girls adore her and she makes each session fun and imaginative for my children, whilst actually working towards their speech and drama exams if they wish to do them, which both of mine are"

“My teacher made me feel very comfortable from the moment I met her.  On the occasions, I had to practise presenting or reading poems, instead of feeling self conscious, I felt at ease.  She provided some extremely useful tips and advice which I could put into practice in all situations.  As my teacher has a business background, she understood the issues I faced in the workplace”

"I have noticed that my child's pronunciation is better and his confidence in groups has improved"

"I really enjoyed doing drama this term. I'm more confident now and I really enjoy coming each Friday.  I look forward to it every week!"

"We can really see the long term benefits of classes like these and our daughter is starting to come out of herself"

"My daughter has loved every minute of her lessons and gets really excited before and after class"