Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions unanswered, don't hesitate to contact us.


Where do the lessons take place?

Group and solo lessons are currently being taught on Zoom.

When we are able to meet face to face our group classes are held at Claremont Centre, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7DZ and Bowdon Parish Centre, WA14 2TR. 

Solo sessions are held at our teaching studio inside Sports Direct Fitness, Sale, M33 7NT or in the offices or our clients, mainly in the North West of England


How much do the lessons cost?

Group lesson prices start at £10 per session, paid in a block at the start of every term. There is a one off £10 joining fee.

Youth Theatre memberships are priced at £42 per month.

Solo lessons for children start at £19 for 30 minutes

Solo lessons for adults are priced individually, please get in touch for more details

What is the difference between a Drama Class and a Speech and Drama or LAMDA Lesson

Drama classes cover acting technique using scripts, improvisation, character work and devising our own scenes and monologues

Speech and Drama classes feature poetry speaking, story telling, clear communication and acting. We mostly work on scripts written by others and occasionally work on our own creations. Students attending a class of this kind can take acting as an option or can focus more on spoken word and the art of being a good communicator and story teller


LAMDA classes are speech and drama lessons, please refer to the paragraph above. LAMDA is the name of the examination board that some of our students work with, other speech and drama students work with a syllabus from University of West London, others prefer not to follow an exam path

Does everyone attending classes have to take an exam?

Children in group classes are taught the same syllabus regardless of whether they sit a test at the end of term. No one is forced to take an exam and all children are encouraged to reach their potential regardless of whether they will be assessed by a professional body

Can I join part way through a term?

Yes, we offer pay as you go taster places most weeks of the term. The only exception is close to exams and performances where we may be rehearsing and unable to welcome a new student.

What age brackets do you teach?

Solo lessons from age 4+

Group lessons from age 6, taught in age appropriate national curriculum groups

Do you run holiday and weekend courses?

Yes we do, please look at our lessons and courses section to find out details about our holiday sessions.

Do you put on plays?

Our Youth Theatre is a performance group and we aim to perform twice per year. Our weekly speech, drama and communication lessons work towards an exam syllabus and have the opportunity to enter competitions and festivals during the academic year.

My child is interested in a career in acting, can you help?

We are always keen to support students who have a dream to become an actor. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

Youth Theatre

How do I arrange a place for my child?

Places are offered following a successful audition, details of which can be found on our audition page.

How much does the youth theatre cost?

We are a not for profit group and ask for a £42 per month (12 payments per year) contribution to rehearsal space, theatre hire, director costs and general running expenses.


I've heard there are two youth theatre groups, how are the groups arranged?

The King Group was formed first and students older than 15 are invited to join this group.

The Globe Group was created when the King Group became too large. Students in the Globe group are approximately one mean year younger than King group but our intention is to create an even spread of ages across both King and Globe groups.

We currently have spaces in both groups and will advise applicants which group we think they would work best in should their audition be successful.

Where does the youth theatre meet?

We are meeting on Zoom for the forseeable future.

Our face to face rehearsal spaces are in Sale and Altrincham.

Adult communication coaching

What kind of sessions do you offer?

We create bespoke courses to meet the needs of our clients. Please get in touch to discuss your objectives.

How much are your sessions?

Sessions are priced according to the outcome desired from the tuition. 

Acting, communication and business sessions are priced differently, please get in touch to request an estimate of cost for your proposed tuition.